Reinventing a Global Startup Conference Post-Covid

Shoots Issue 9: East Meets West 2021

Author attending East Meets West 2020 in person
  • How to be a smarter, more nimble investor in today’s stock market? I pitched Trade Exchange and was selected as a Top Pitch! Read more here.
  • How can we re-think bringing back a severely disrupted industry? The halt in tourism provides an opportunity to bring it back responsibly. Jessica Blotter and Kind Traveler allows travelers to deliver a nightly $10 credit to causes that positive impact the communities they visit, while also connecting them to discounted rates and venues committed to wellness and sustainability.
  • How can we ensure that we cover vulnerable populations made more evident in the pandemic? Covid has highlighted loneliness in our care population and gaps in coverage. Colby Takeda and Pear is focused on addressing this and resulting physical and mental health issues. They deliver outbound care to older adults using a gig workforce of young adults armed with technology- and data-enabled communication tools and in-person interactions.
  • How do we maintain focus on inevitable changes in our environment? Lauren Roth Venu and 3Rwater has a mobile and data platform to measure stormwater and optimize rainwater capture solutions at the property level, allowing property owners and municipalities to pinpoint opportunities to upgrade drainage systems for maximum impact. The mobile capabilities allow cities to leapfrog paper-based or clunky legacy systems to significantly improve data management efficiency and increase the accessibility of adaptive solutions to climate impacts for communities.



Founder, Market Junctions. Creator of the Resiliency Map.

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